rescue, salvage, save
* * *
vb save ( fx somebody's (, one's) life, one's honour, one's face, one's skin, the situation; he was saved by the bell);
(fra øjeblikkelig fare også) rescue ( fx trapped miners, a shipwrecked crew, somebody from a burning house);
(bjærge) salvage, save, rescue ( fx a ship, one's furniture from the fire);
(fig:) salvage ( fx one's self-respect, one's marriage);
(af en vanskelighed, især økon, T) bail out;
(i fodbold) save;
(skaffe sig) wangle ( fx I wangled a month's leave),
(stjæle, tigge) scrounge ( fx a meal);
[de reddede] those rescued,
(de overlevende) the survivors;
[så var dagen reddet (for ham)] that made his day;
(se også skin, skind);
[ med præp & adv:]
[redde fra] save from ( fx save him from drowning), rescue from ( fx
rescue the house from destruction),
(fig) save from, rescue from ( fx save him from the consequences of his foolishness, save (el. rescue) the project from failure, save the firm from bankrupty; rescue something from oblivion); salvage from ( fx salvage the firm from bankruptcy);
[redde noget i land] bring something safely to land,
(fig) pilot something to safety,
(skaffe sig) wangle (, scrounge) something;
[redde en igennem] get somebody through,
(vanskelighed, krise, også økonomisk) see somebody through;
[ikke til at redde] beyond (el. past) hope,
(uigenkaldelig tabt) irretrievably lost,
(om person: fortabt) past praying for,
(spøg.: uforbederlig) past redemption;
[redde ud af] save (el. rescue, salvage) from ( fx somebody (, something) from a burning house);
[redde en ud af en knibe] get somebody out of a scrape; bail somebody out;
[ med sig:]
[redde sig] escape, make one's escape, save oneself;
[redde sig noget]
(skaffe sig) wangle something, scrounge something;
[redde sig i land] manage to reach the shore;
[redde sig igennem]
(ved eksamen etc) get through,
(lige akkurat) scrape through;
[redde sig ud af] get out of.

Danish-English dictionary. 2013.

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